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Functions and Duties

1. Submit long term, five-year and annual plans to the Director of Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation for approval according to the functions and tasks of the Division regarding water resources planning and investigation, carrying out these plans after being approved.

2. Planning for water resources protection, production, development and preventing, overcoming damaging effects caused by water.

3. Water resources investigation, inventorying actual status of water resources quantity, quality and water production, using situation; assessing extent and risk of water resources regression, pollution.

4. Setting up, managing and operating water resources monitoring network; providing water resources information and data according to the Laws; participating in synthesizing results of water resources investigation and completed planning projects;

setting up water resources information system and database as assigned by Director of the Center.

5. Implementing all the programs, projects; applying, transferring scientific and technological results regarding water resources as assigned by Director of the Center.

6. Training on water resources planning and investigation; participating in propaganda and popularizing for improving awareness of community about water resources policy and laws as assigned by Director of the Center.

7. Implementing tasks of thermal, mineral water investigation and research; engineering geological investigation for management purposes as assigned by Director of the Center.

8. Participating in establishing standards, technical rules, technico-economic norms for water resources planning, investigation, monitoring and other concerned documents.

9. Consulting/participating in appraising water resources planning, investigation projects, projects of displacing water between big river basins, investment projects regarding water resources exploitation, discharge of waste water and waste matter into water sources.

10. Performing international cooperation in water resources planning and

investigation as assigned by Director of the Center.

11. Analyzing water, soil, rock and air samples.

12. Implementing services regarding water resources planning and investigation, geology, minerals and others according to the Laws, such as:

a) Setting up and realizing projects of water resources planning, investigation and production; projects of ground water mapping, investigation, production and asking license (including thermal and mineral water). Building of ground water production units, drinking and waste water treatment plants, water supplying systems for domestic use and industry.

b) Setting up and realizing projects of engineering geological investigation, drilling, soil testing, processing of fundament of building construction; geological, hydrogeological, engineering geological, environmental geological mapping.

c) Carrying out research projects of water resources planning, investigation and monitoring, assessing geological, hydrogeological, engineering geological hazards.

d) Investigation, setting up projects, technical design for land surveying and mapping, surveying, setting up topographical maps; measuring and setting up cadastral maps on various scales; establishing database for land survey.

e) Implementing geophysical methods for ground water exploration and others purposes.

f) Investigation and assessing reverses of minerals and setting up projects for asking exploitation license.

g) Consulting on designing and supervising in many aspects such as water resources, engineering geology, geophysics, geodesic and others according to the Laws.

h) Import-exporting equipment and materials using for purposes of water resources, geotechnics and mining; repairing, producing mechanical accessories for geologic production and social demands.

i) Water, soil and air samples analysing.

k) Carrying out many kinds of services according to the Laws.

13. Managing finance and assets of Division, implementing all responsibility of administrative unit of grade III for subordinate units directly under Division as assigned by the Laws.

14. Carrying out administrative innovation according to the administrative innovation program, plan of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment   as assigned by Director of the Center.

15. Managing personnel staff of Division as arranged by the Center.

16. Periodic and ad hoc reporting on implemetation of assigned tasks as required.

17. Implementing other tasks assigned by Director of the Center.