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Bureau for Groundwater Investigation and Inventory

Manager: Bach Ngoc Quang

Telephone: (+84)04.36740497


Functions and tasks

1. To propose, set up plans, tasks, measures and mechanisms to investigate, assess and measure quantity and quality of the exploitation and use of ground water, geothermal, hot water, mineral and assess geological surveys; assess level and risk of groundmwater sources degradation and depletion, pollution in Vietnam; report to the Center’s Director; and implement other tasks upon approval.

2. To chair, guide, inspect the implementation of ground water resources investigation and measurement under the jurisdiction of the Center.

3. To propose to the Center’s Director scientific research topics, science and technology solutions about ground water sources technology investigation, exploitation, use and sustainable development; prevention and recover ground water sources depletion, degradation and pollution; improve the efficiency of water resources integrated management, investigation, exploitation and use of geothermal, hot water, mineral water; implement tasks upon approval.

4. To participate in the formulation and implementation of technology transfer, training about for ground water as assigned.

5. To coordinate, guide and supervise the construction of ground water resources monintoring system; collect data, measurement, survey and measurement results of ground water resources; build a database for ground water resources evaluation and measurement.

6. Participate in the formulation of processes, standards, technical regulations and norms for water resources planning, investigation and monitoring system, geological investigations as assigned by the Director.

7. To evaluate or participate in the evaluation of ground water resources investigation and planning projects, investment projects related to ground water, geological projects and others as assigned by the Director.

8. To statisticize and report regularly and irregularly assigned tasks; guide, inspect and supervise the units’ information and reports.

9. To perform other tasks as assigned by the Center’s Director.