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Bureau for Planning and Financing

Manager: Vu Van Son



Functions and tasks

1. To lead and coordinate with relevant units, submit to Director strategies, planning, development plans on the long term, five-year and annual basis for the areas under the jurisdiction of the Center; guide and organize the implementation upon approval.

2. To submit to the Director to the annual plan for relevant units under the Center; guide and supervise the implementation after the plan was delivered and adjusted.

3. To set up and estimate budget revenue; allocate and adjust the estimated budget which competent authorities assigned for relevant units; guide and supervise the implementation of the plan and estimated state budget in line with objectives of savings, efficiency and against corruption and waste.

4. To organize the implementation of accounting and budget settlement of drafting budget unit level II; finance-accounting management as responsibility of drafting budget unit level II, including capital sources from state budget and others in accordance with the State’s regulations; assist the Center’s Director to examine and approve budget revenue-expenditure of the Center’s relevant units in accordance with the Budget Law.

5. To assist the Center’s Director to manage the State’s properties in conformity with regulations, standards and norms set by the State and Ministry; examine the implementation of State property’s investment, procurement, management and use by the Center’s organizations and units; write asset reports under current regulations.
6. To sum up annual basic construction investment plans of the Center, manage basic construction projects in accordance with the laws and the Ministry’s allocation.

7. To guide and inspect the Center’s organization and units in implementing the State and Ministry’s provisions on finance - accounting, construction, and statistics sector.

8. To statisticize and report regularly and irregularly about assigned tasks; guide, inspect and supervise the units’ information and reporting activities.

9. To perform other duties as assigned by the Center’s Director.