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Administration Office

Manager: Nguyen Thi Hang

Telephone: (+84)04.36740490



Functions and tasks

 1. To submit to Director programs and working plans of the Center, including: contents of the Center’s conferences, workshops, minutes of meetings between the Center leaders and seniors, industries, authorities at all levels, regulations and internal rules of the Center; to monitor, examine and supervise the implementation of programs, plans, regulations and rules, ensure security, order and discipline within the Center.
2. To study and propose measures to ensure activities and legitimate interests of the Center in accordance with the law, guide and supervise the implementation of units upon approval.

3. Attend and compile, complete minutes of meetings convened by the Center’s leaders; inform the direction of the Center’s leaders in writing to relevant units.

4. To monitor and supervise the preparation of documents composed by revelant units; examine, guide document protocol and procedures for issuing documents of the Center and the units.

5. To organize administration, archives, communication of the Center; coordinate with other relevant agencies or units to set up a list of state’s secret documents under the Center; implement security activities of Center ; and guide, inspect and monitor the implementation of the units.

6. To instruct and review emulation and reward activities, organize propaganda activities of the Center; represent the Center’s Council for Emulation and Reward.

7. To organize business trip for the Center’s leaders and executives, organize holiday activities.

8. To manage facilities, ensure good vehicles and working conditions, conferences, welcome the Center’s visitors; manage assets and expenditures of the Center’s activities; implement construction projects as assigned by the Center’s leaders.

9. To participate in construction and appraisal of programs, projects under the jurisdiction of the Center, in which contents relate to organizational structure, personnel, public servants, labor, wages and training.

10. To implement protection of internal politics; Inspection of directors and settle complaints and denunciations in accordance with the Ordinance on Complaints and Denunciations.

11. To submit to directors programs, plans and measures to implement the provisions of the State, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on organizational structure, officials, labor, wages, training organization, and wealfares, policies under the jurisdiction of the Center; participate in the construction standard titles of officials and employees in the sector; organize, guide and supervise the implementation upon approval of competent authorities.

12. To coordinate with other agencies and organizations to improve material and spiritual life for executives, public servants and employees of the agency Centers.

13. To organize and guide occupational safety and health, industrial and environmental hygiene, fire and natural disaster prevention.

14. To implement organizational structure, payroll and personnel activities of the Center; to preside, review and complete functions, duties, authority and organizational structure of professional departments and relevant units and report them to the Center’s leaders; to build schemes and plans to develop leaders, managers, scientific staff, specialized officerss; to stipulate provisions on staff recruitment, appointment, dismissal, re-appointment, receipt, transfer and discipline of officers, employees under the management of the Center in accordance with laws.

15. To implement welfares, labor, wages, social and health insurance; guide and inspect activities of raising, transfering grades, determining salary scale,raising salary scale regularly and in advance; to check settlement of salary fund; set up new social insurance books, monitor and manage files, social and health insurance books, and resolve pension, dismissal, death issues.

16. To develop and implement administrative reform plans of the agencies, relevant units; and inspect the implementation of the Center upon approval.

17. To statisticize and report regularly and irregularly implementation of assigned tasks; guide, inspect and supervise information and reports of relevant units.

18. To perform other duties as assigned by the Center’s Director.