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The need to establish a process of operational research laboratory and to protect the quality of water resources

In recent years, the State has focused on several key laboratories, laboratories of high quality, concentrated mostly in the universities and research institutes in the country. However, the mechanism of action and how to exploit still not commensurate with the potential for physical facilities and not really exploit all the creativity of human resources. One of the factors that greatly affect the extraction lab is that building operating procedures reference laboratories, in accordance with the characteristics and nature of the research areas. Laboratory research quality and protect water resources of the Centre for Planning and Survey National Water Resource newly established and is being gradually equipped with advanced equipment and modern. Due to the newly established laboratories, research should build operating procedures reference laboratories will help the lab get a chance to focus all resources to improve, confirming the reliability of results measurements and analysis. Improve basic experimental research, basic research-oriented applications, applied research, development and technology transfer analysis for the units attached. Therefore, the study of the construction operation process research lab quality and protection of water resources becomes extremely urgent.

From this fact, the theme: "Research building operation process research lab quality and protection of water resources" is proposed. The results obtained from this study will develop operational procedures to enhance lab management capabilities, technical capabilities of the staff working in the lab meets the development requirements of center..

The management and operation of the laboratory were conducted in several different models, expressed in two forms: centralized management and decentralized.

For example, management models generally focus laboratory processes as follows:


SP6Management model focused laboratory

Decentralized management models generally have the following processes:

SP7Decentralized management model

As a leading center in the field of water resources of the Natural Resources and Environment, the Center has an inspection and assessment of water quality is a very important thing that makes sense. It directly serves topics and projects in the field of water resources that the Center has been and will be done. With this system, the Centre may be active in the evaluation of water quality; analysis, water quality testing of the study area, the proposed processing solutions, renovation, restoration and protection of water resources as well as conducting project planning, circulation and recovery, additional sources country….

Besides, the construction of a process operation of the laboratory standardized system of modern equipment makes testing accurate water quality, create trust and empowerment of the Centre. In fact, there were a lot of laboratories and centers of water quality testing but by backward equipment, process analytical standards should not have happened samples analyzed the status quo is not really accurate lead to water quality assessment skewed difficult for the disposal, renovation and restoration of water resources.

With the above analysis, we found it necessary to establish a process of operational research laboratory and to protect the quality of water resources. The birth of this process will help the professionals, researchers and managers have a tool TNN invaluable support in the issues as well as management expertise. From there, create a standard procedure to be able to use it as a benchmark in the construction, management and operation of laboratories for water quality nationwide.