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Project on planning and investigation of water resources for the Central Region

mien_trungCentral Region of Vietnam or Central part (other former names are Trung phần (Vietnam Democratic Republic), Trung Kỳ (French colonized), and An Nam (by French) is one of the three main regions of Vietnam (Bắc Bộ, Trung Bộ, Nam Bộ) and located in the middle. Tây Nguyên is usually included in the Central Region. It is sometimes found a combined name of Miền Trung-Tây Nguyên. The name Trung Bộ has been used since Bao Dai King established regional administrative agency higher than provincial level in 1945, replacing the name Trung Kỳ, which lingered to the time of French colony. This name was used in official documents of Vietnam Democratic Republic. This name is also used by many people nowadays.

In addition, another name was known as Trung phần, which originated in 1049 when Head of Vietnam State Bảo Đại formulated administrative office with the same function of ministerial level in 1945. Then, the Vietnam Republic Government also used this name until its collapse in 1975. Decree No. 143-A/TTP by the President of Vietnam Republic dated on 23/10/1956 regulated to call Bắc Việt, Trung Việt, Nam Việt with the name Bắc Phần, Trung Phần, Nam Phần. Tây Nguyên was named Cao nguyên Trung phần by the Vietnam Republic (former name was Cao nguyên Miền Nam). According to the Decree No. 147-A/NV by the President of Vietnam Republic dated on 24/10/1956, Trung Phần included Cao nguyên Trung phần and Trung nguyên Trung phần.