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Functions and Duties

1.To submit to the Minister annual, five-year and long-termed plan for its activities in water resources planning and investigation in accordance with its functions and responsibilities; to implement the proposed plans upon approval.

2.To make plans for the protection, exploitation, use and development of water resources; to prevent as well as repair the damages caused by water;

3.To carry out primary investigation; inventory the current status of water resources exploitation and using in terms of quantity and quality; to assess levels and risks of water resources recession, exhaustion and pollution;

4.To build, manage and run the water resources monitoring network; to provide water resources information and database in accordance with the law; to participate in the integration of the water resources planning and investigation results in the national scale, the water resources plans are approved by authorities; to build water resources information system and water resources database as assigned by the Minister;

5.To realize programs, projects, researches, applications, transferring technologies and scientific knowledge relating to water resources as appointed by the Minister.

6.To organize training courses on the professions of water resources planning and investigation; to involve in raising the community’s awareness on the water resources policies and laws as assigned by the Minister.

7.To participate in the investigation and study of geo-thermy, hot water, mineral water and engineering geology in the service of institutional management as assigned by the Minister.

8.To take part in drawing up technical standards, technical-economic norms on water resources planning, investigation and monitoring and other documents relating to water resources.

9.To consult appraisal or take part in the appraisal of the projects relating to water resources planning and investigation and the projects on the changing of water flows among large river basins, the projects concerning the exploitation and utilization of water resources, discharging of waste, waste water into water resources.

10.To carry out international cooperation on water resources planning and investigation as assigned by the Minister.

11. To provide services relating to water resources planning and investigation, and the investigation, exploration and reconnaissance on minerals; to provide other services relating to water resources in accordance with the stipulated laws.

12.To administer the finance, properties belong to the Center; to carry out the responsibilities of the second-leveled accounting entity to the sub-ordinate unites belonging to the Centers in accordance with the stipulated laws.

13.To carry out administration reforms relevance to the Ministry’s Programs and Plans and as assigned by the Minister.

14.To manage it own organization, personnel, cadres, civil servants, employee working for the Center as decentralized by the Minister.

15.To reckon up and to make periodically and unscheduled reports on the status of the assigned tasks.

16.To realize other tasks assigned by the Minister.