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National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (English name : National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation - NAWAPI) is a career institution belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, functioning water resources investigations, monitoring, planning and protection at the nationwide scale.
NAWAPI consists of 3 Divisions and 4 sub-ordinate centers with more than 30 years of experience and approximately 1000 employees, including manegers, experts, officials, high qualified, competent engineers and workers who have been well trained in Vietnam and abroad. With a modern system of various equipment and good financial sources, NAWAPI has embarked many important big projects in water resources investigation, monitoring, planning and protection; establishment of water resources databse and information, water resources mapping,… in progress and with high quality.
Besides the projects and tasks assigned by the Government, NAWAPI also has good cooperation with many agencies in all over the country to carry out different projects relating to water resources, hydroheo-engineering, geology and minerals… which bring tremendous benifits to local people.
On the other hand, NAWAPI promotes international cooperation to improve researches and effective projects in water resources.
The National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is assigned by the Government to realize the major following tasks:
- Propose and realize water resources planning: water allocation; water resources protection, prevention and remediation of harmful effects caused by water at national scale, inter-provincial river basins and inter-provincial waters.
- Perform basic investigation and protection of water resources: Investigation and assessment of water resources; assessment of climate change impacts on water resources and the harm caused by waters; inventory of water resources; carrying out surveys on the status of water reources exploitation, use and discharge of wastewater into water sources; assessment of the seft-protection ability and building up corridors to protect the waters.
- Construct, manage and operate the national water resources monitoring and observation system; Giving warnings and forecast on water resources; establishment of the database on water resources planning and investigation; exchange and provision of water resources data and information.
- Carry out researches and application of technologies aiming at water saving and using efficiency; rehabilitation of contaminated, degraded and depleted waters; carrying out researches on geothermal hot, mineral water and investigations on geo-engineering and geologic hazards relating to water.
- Provide services relating to water resources and environemnt; geo-engineering, geology and minerals ; mapping and other related services.
Vietnamese Trade Name:
Trung tâm Quy hoạch và Điều tra tài nguyên nước quốc gia
English Trade name:
National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI)
Address of head office:
No.93, lane 95, Vu Xuan Thieu Street, Sai Dong Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi City
Telephone : (+84).04.36740498 / (+84).04.36740668 / (+84).04.36740499
Fax: (+84).04.36740491
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Bank Account Number: 1502201031692 Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
(Agribank) – Hoan Kiem Branch